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Let Shary develop and manage outdoor experiences

Do you work for an organization within the recreation & tourism sector, as a regional marketeer or as a tourism director? Are you interested in developing experience routes with interactive elements, such as video, games and speech? Discover what the Shary navigation and experience platform can offer you.

About Shary

The company behind Shary is Kr8centrale, a sister to Kiemkr8, an innovation bureau for Growth. Our creative team is there to help develop a unique outdoor experience together with you. An extensive portfolio has been created with routes of all types and distances.

Shary offers several unique functionalities

What makes Shary unique is the combination of its simple platform where Shary can take away all your worries while offering the possibility of recording high-quality film material that really makes the stories come to life.

  • Larger data files for high-quality documentaries

    In Shary, experience route providers can store larger data files, so that high-quality video documentaries can also be used. This way your guest is truly immersed in the story being told along the way.

  • Convenience of the navigation platform with a link to your own website

    A link to the route provider's website is possible, so when the route is sold, the buyer immediately has an account at Shary. The provider can use all the facilities that the platform offers, such as voice options, navigation, digital route guidance and games.

  • We take care of the logistics for any materials

    In addition to online content, many routes also contain physical materials, such as walking guides, game materials and other attributes. Shary takes all the logistics out of your hands and arranges the distribution among the buyers of the experience routes. Contacts in the region with starting locations can also be arranged.

  • Promotion of experience routes

    The Shary platform also offers opportunities for promoting the experience routes. You can benefit from the general promotion of the platform via the Shary social media channels, but we can also develop a customised promotion plan for you.

How does it work?

Our working method consists of the following steps:

  • A target group analysis
  • Determine the modality
  • Thema's/verhalen ophalen', 'shary
  • Determine the routes(s)
  • Connect with the locals
  • Determine route form and content
  • Write a script
  • Game development/production

If you'd like to exchange ideas about your plans for experience routes, please contact us without further obligation.
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