The footsteps of Van Gogh (English version)


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  • 8KM
  • Wandelroute
  • Hoogeveen, Drenthe

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Discover the Drenthe of Vincent van Gogh with four marked walking routes through the beautiful landscape.

  • Hoogeveen | 12 KM New beginning

  • Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord | 11 KM Stay in primeval landscape

  • Zweeloo | 8 KM Symphony of colour

  • Zweeloo | 17 KM Like a dream

Inspired by stories from other artists, Vincent van Gogh ventured to Drenthe in the autumn of 1883. He arrived at Hoogeveen train station and after a few weeks travelled on to Southeast Drenthe by barge. Follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh during these walking routes. Travel along the locations where he lived, painted and sketched. During the walking routes youll discover what Vincent himself experienced here as you meander through the landscape he fell in love with

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The footsteps of Van Gogh (English version)

  • Hoogeveen, Drenthe
  • 8KM